Natural Culture Stone and Artificial Culture Stone

Culture stone, the academic name Cast Stone, is defined as “the manufacture of exquisite architectural concrete building units, which simulates natural cutting and fetching of stones for unit masonry applications”. In the United Kingdom and Europe, cast stone slabs are defined as any material made of “natural stone that is similar in appearance to aggregates and gelling adhesives, and can be used in
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Weather Resistance of PU Culture Stone

Weather resistance of PU lightweight culture stone Weather resistance is one of the key features of PU lightweight culture stone panels. PU faux stone panels allow house owners or builders to design and create a unique and timeless look that meets with any building styles, meanwhile, they provide durable protection, regardless of the weather. Faux stone panel siding could offer a weather- and insect-resistant alterna
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Some Features of PU Cultural Stone

Comparing to the traditional decorative materials such as real stone and brick, PU cultural stone panels from Sinomake Industech have their unique advantages and features. Safe and fireproof Sinomake PU cultural stone panels have reached the national B1 flame retardant and fireproof standard according to the national standard “GB8624-2012”. 1) Before the fire 2) Start the fire    3) 30 seconds aft
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Project Cases of PU Lightweight Cultural Stone

With diversified shapes, PU cultural stone surface shows the original ecological stone culture and the ancient stone culture, it gives people a real retro look and is integrated with nature. Let’s look over the following projects of PU lightweight cultural stone panels. Yushu Walking Street Exterior wall of private club Exterior wall of villa
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PU Cultural Stone-Environmental protection and energy saving

Sinomake Industech PU cultural stone board does not contain toxic substances such as CFCs andformaldehyde, it is foamed with fully clear water. The thermal conductivity of Sinomake polyurethane products is 0.022-0.055W/MK, which meets the design requirements of building energy saving of 65% and 75% or more. Compared with other materials, the thermal insulation effect is 40%-50% higher, and its thermal insulationeffec
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What are the advantages of PU culture stone (Part B)

No.3, Safety, environmental protection and energy conservation   PU culture stone panels would save energy and increase R-values and help you save money. The R value represents the ability of building materials to prevent heat from passing through. The higher the R value, the higher the heat resistance and thermal insulation performance of the material. PU culture stone with high R value, it can provide a supplementa
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What are the advantages of PU culture stone (Part A)

PU cultural stone or called PU antique brick, PU background wall, PU bamboo is a new type of environmental protection material, it is light and easy to install, and each person can install hundreds of square meters per day.   No.1, Lightweight PU culture stone weighs about 3-4KG per square meter and is easy to install. It is simple and lightweight, which are the key purpose to develop such PU cultural stone and PU an
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Money Savings of Polyurethane Faux Stone Wall Panels

Polyurethane (PU) Faux Stone Wall Panels are a kind of manufactured artificial stone veneer products, it is created with realistic looking and easy installation to overcome the disadvantages of real stones.They look like real because their molds are cast from real stones, they have light weight  and easy to cut and screw or glue to  a wall without expensive tools. There are different brands of PU culture stone panels
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How to Cut PU Faux Stone Panel Properly?

How to Cut PU Faux Stone Panel Properly   PU Faux Stone Panel is a versatile product to the building material market. To cut it is simple and easy, no need for special training or professional skills as well as expensive equipment, which does not create huge dust and highly noise or lots of water waste. The polyurethane (PU) is durable and light enough for any cutting with any saw, such as a jigsaw or circular saw, t
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What are the differences between real stones and faux stones?

Very often, our clients or followers asked us the difference between real stones (bricks) and faux ones, or something like “how about the prices of your products comparing to real stones or bricks?”. Firstly, let’s come to the difference between real and cast (faux). Many visitors are not aware of the difference between a natural stone that has been mined from a quarry and a faux stone that has been molded with the c
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